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SMD Stencils

SMD Stencils

The application of soldering paste or adhesive to unassembled PCBs in SMT technology (Surface-Mounting Technology) currently usually takes place in the screen-print procedure using laser-cut metal stencils. SMD (Surface-Mounted Device) screen printing will continue to dominate serial production of electronic assemblies for a few years. SMT stencils (solder paste stencils and glue stencils) are an important basis for the excellent equipment of the PCBs. They are sometimes just referred to as stencils. Laser-cut solder paste stencils and adhesive stencils ensure consistent process quality thanks to their high precision. Laser-cutting of SMT stencils is quick and cost-efficient. SMD metal stencils can be used to print the smallest structures for QFP, QFN or BGA connections better and at a higher accuracy.

LiMaB has been supplying its customers in Germany and adjacent countries with SMT-stencils for solder paste and glue print since 1993. With our laser systems, we produce all common stencil sizes. Metal stencils in miniature or large formats are not unusual for us. LiMaB produces Prototype-SMT-stencils or SMT-rework stencils for replace of BGA and CSPs on assembled PCBs. We produce large stencils, among others for LED lighting technology. To print the optimal amount of solder paste or glue onto the PCB, we offer sheet thicknesses from 75 µm to 400 µm.

All common data formats can be processed in order preparation. The stencil and aperture design, setting of fiducial marks and laser marking on the board or squeegee side cause no additional costs for customers, and are matters of course for LiMaB.

As everywhere, a high quality claim is our top objective in the area of SMT stencils as well. Clean cutting edges and a polished or electropolished surface determine the appearance of the LiMaB stencils.

The performance range of LiMaB GmbH in the range of SMT stencils includes:

  • Frameless SMT stencils – designed to work with quick tensioning systems also known as Reusable Stencil frames
  • VectorGuard stencils
  • Framed SMT stencils – foils are permanently mounted into aluminium frames
  • Solder paste stencils with edge protection to protect the operator from cutting by sharp edges and to increase stability of the stencil
  • SMT adhesive stencils
  • BGA rework stencils

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