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The PCB manufacturers in Europe are more and more developing into specialists for demanding technologies (Multilayer, flexible and rigid-flex circuits). Production changes towards a great product diversity in small series. Short service life and quick demand cycles demand short delivery times. To manage these challenges, the usually small and medium-sized companies of the PCB industry require reliable partners.

LiMaB GmbH has become established in Germany and the adjacent European countries as a service provider for PCB processing. Use of the laser for production of PCBs has set new standards in terms of quality and precision. With innovative laser technology, we offer PCB laser routing, laser depaneling, laser microvia drilling in both copper clad and unclad laminatess, PCB laser skiving, creating PCB cavities and laser structuring of the PCB surfaces. Our ultrashort pulse (USP) laser system cuts, drills and structures a wide range of PCB materials and technical plastic films with high accuracy. The heat influence on the material is kept very low.

LiMaB has offered laser cutting of the outer contours of flexible or rigid-flexible PCBs at panel sizes up to 600x600 mm since 2002. Every customer uses individual technologies and material combinations in production of their PCBs. The resulting diversity leads to continually new challenges in laser processing. The demands to us are particularly high to find the best laser parameters for every individual job. Our experienced employees take the supposed technical difficulties as their daily incentive to perform the orders received at high quality and in compliance with schedules.

In addition to the PCB laser routing, there is a growing demand in cutting of plastic films for use in medical devices. The thinnest films are just 7 µm thick. We implement further applications based on specific queries and sampling.

Laser-drilling of microvias into PCBs is a special discipline that characterises LiMaB GmbH as a recognised service provider of the PCB industry. Microvias and blind vias at diameters of 30 µm to 300 µm are put into different PCB materials. Through-holes at a diameter of 50 µm can be implemented in Multilayers with a thickness up to 0.5 mm.
To avoid solder shorts, the PCBs are coated with solder resist before soldering process. Solder mask defects are very rare. However, if they do happen, they tend to affect larger delivery batches or expensive circuit boards. Since new procurement usually takes a lot of time and effort, we offer PCB rework to our customers. The solder resist is precisely ablated with a laser. The laser beam, only 20 µm wide, razes the affected areas and opens the pad again.

Coverlays or coverfilms encapsulate and protect the external circuitry to withstand extreme temperature, vibration and other environments. A coverlay serves as the same function as solder mask that is used on a rigid printed circuit board. The coverlays are laminated on production panels. Depending on the size of the pad openings, they can be made in the cover film before or after lamination. Both versions are possible with our laser systems.

We process your small series within 1-3 working days. Express production of individual pieces within just a few hours is possible by agreement, since we are available to our PCB customers nearly around the clock. Laser processing of PCBs and plastic films requires special care when handling the sensitive and valuable materials. Smallest errors may render the entire PCB useless. Consistent interim and final inspections according to the 4-eye principle with the support of measuring and test equipment warrant our high quality. On request, we draw up measuring and test logs and enclose them in the delivery.

The performance range of LiMaB GmbH in the range of PCB and plastic processing includes:

  • Routing of flexible and rigid-flex PCBs and coverlays with minimized thermal damages and recasts and low carbonization
  • PCB laser drilling of microvias, blind vias and through-holes
  • PCB cavity skiving, laser solder mask removal and coverlay skiving
  • Laser cutting of thin plastic films, plastic fabrics and plastic screens for medical and apparatus engineering
  • Precision laser processing of laminated, metallised, vaporised or otherwise coated plastic films.
  • Precision laser cutting of paper and thin insulation materials

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