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Laser Marking

Laser Marking

Laser marking

It all started with laser marking. Since 1991, laser labelling, laser marking and laser engraving have been part of the services offered by LiMaB.

By selection of pulse repetition frequency, laser power and marking speed, different effects are achieved in different materials. The diode-pumped disc laser by JENOPTIK has proven its worth specifically when processing metals and some plastics. The marking options are very diverse.

In coated or multi-layered materials, such as colour-anodised aluminium or laser films, the colour is removed in a targeted manner. Plastics with colour pigments are thermally changed by the laser to achieve localised discolouration. The best-known example for this are computer keyboards. Laser engraving of metals or plastics means that just a few micrometers of material are removed. The laser engraving, however, is permanent and forgery-proof. The most decorative form of laser marking is annealing discolouration in some metals. The laser beam heats the metal surface and the material oxidises. The metal will turn dark in these areas, which causes an outstanding contrast effect.

Laser engraving permits marking of different workpiece shapes and materials at high speeds. The contour sharpness is impressive. Laser marking is abrasion-proof and resilient to chemicals and solvents. This marking technique's success is based on the combination of high precision and forgery-proofness.

LiMaB offers diverse and flexible marking layouts. One-line and TrueType fonts, circular ring labelling, barcode and data matrix code, vector and pixel graphics, as well as CAD drawings are possible. We will gladly perform sample marking for you.

We label, mark and engrave for you:

  • Forgery-proof laser labels in any shape of two-layer laser films in the most common colours black/white, white/black, silver/black (special colours in red, blue, yellow)
  • Temperature- and chemical-resistant stickers for components, PCBs and devices with serial numbers or DataMatrix codes
  • Rating plates, type labels, nameplates and plaques of stainless steel or anodised aluminium, individually designed with company logo, special characters, graphics or text in foreign languages
  • Provided front plates, slot sheets, housings
  • Serial numbers, product data and type designations on machine parts, standard parts, implants, surgical instruments and sensors
  • Special keyboards, give-aways, gifts, etc.

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